Advertising and Publishing

DIV has served several industries with its wide variety of range of web-based services. We are specialized in developing cost-effective advertising and publishing industry solutions that helps B2B and B2C portals to promote products and services effectively.
There are a lot of factors employed in our advertising and publishing portal development service. Some of the prominent factors are:
  • listing company/firm/business through category and city
  • Searching businesses by category and location
  • People search
  • Google Search
  • Map search
  • Featured advertisement services
  • SEO friendly features such as URL Structure, Meta Tags


1. creates new promotional ideas,
2. designs print, radio, television and internet advertisements,
3. books advertisement space & time,
4. plans and conducts advertising campaigns,
5. commissions research and surveys, and
6. provides other such services that help a client in entering and succeeding in a chosen market.
Publishing enterprises are being disrupted with the rise of digital content aggregators, search engines and social content platforms. Customer-facing facets like product configurations, content services and pricing models have changed drastically.
Today, it's all about relevance–how up to date your business is with the rapidly evolving marketplace, and what you are doing to engage the emerging demography of digital consumers. Considering the change in content consumption patterns, monetization models and consumer channels, enterprises need to differentiate to sustain and grow their business.
We works for clients to create and effective and goal oriented advertising campaign aimed at representing the company positively in the eyes of its target customers. .