Lower private and corporate consumption rates, plus higher dissatisfaction and distrust of customers towards their operators, and the entrance of new players in the market, have turned customers' retention into a true challenge for telecommunications companies.
Within a critical industry regarding customer's attrition, Telco's need to get to know their current customers in depth to boost their value and loyalty, avoid their churn and optimize the business.

Challenges through we wade the way out:

  • Integrate data from all internal channels with external sources to obtain a 360 customers view and identify cross selling opportunities early in advance.
  • Prevent customers churn and detect cross selling opportunities.
  • More effectiveness in acquisition and retention campaigns with prior knowledge about the best product to recommend to each customer.
  • Forecasting Customers churn, best product to recommend and optimum price.
  • Integrated campaigns management.

The Solution:

  • Loading and integrating large data sets from miscellaneous sources: customers database, Call Center inbound and outbound, campaigns, web analytics, prices, billing, other lines.
  • Profile identifies the variables that best describe customers and draws behavioral profiles and patterns to offer them targeted products and services.
  • Integrated campaigns management with instant results and on-the-fly corrections through Campaign Workflow.
  • Advanced analytics to identify cross and up selling opportunities. Even with customers from more than one line with contracts from different companies.
  • Predictive analytics to forecast customers churn or the best product to recommend to each customer, and to perform optimal pricing analysis.
  • Predictive techniques to define triggered business rules that make alarms go off when a variable is out of the expected value, implying a risk (tendency to churn, fall of activity, frauds). Responses and stemming actions automation through iWorkflow.