Consumer Goods

DIV’s Consumer Goods and Services are focused on helping clients become high performance businesses across all segments including food and beverage, alcoholic beverages, home and personal care, apparel, agribusiness and consumer health. We support consumer goods companies seeking large-scale growth, major operational efficiencies and workforce transformation.
Through our management consulting, outsourcing and technology services, DIV helps companies in the consumer goods and services industry transform businesses to attain high performance, increasing shareholder returns and ensuring long-term success in addition to develop an integrated view of customers, powerful segmentation and predictive modeling tools, adaptive campaign management and intelligent customer interactions.
 Together these functions create value through:
  • Increasing the number of desirable customers.
  • Increasing sales per customer—either of existing products and services or new ones—through cross-selling.
  • Decreasing customer acquisition, servicing and administrative costs through extended efficiency.
  • Lengthening of the duration of relationships.

IT Transformation is a key factor in achieving high performance for consumer goods and services companies.

DIV can help you streamline information technology to enhance overall performance. Today's consumer goods and services industries need to transform their IT capabilities to give them the ability to:
  • Aggregate and analyze customer data to enhance differentiation. 
  • Increase a company's ability to respond to a rapidly changing market place through enhanced flexibility and speed.
  • Operate effectively as global organizations, which includes the need to deal with global business partners. 

DIV can help consumer goods and services companies implement sustainable strategies and practices in a methodical way, regardless of where companies are on the ‘sustainability curve’.

The sustainability challenge for any organization is to balance growth, profitability, operational and reputational risk, even as it strives to extend its global footprint and capture new consumers in important and growing emerging markets.
DIV can help consumer goods and services companies on their quest to achieve high performance by implementing sustainable strategies and practices in a methodical way, regardless of where companies are on the "sustainability curve."

DIV helps consumer goods and services companies optimize their sales and marketing functions to achieve high performance.

However, consumer goods and services companies face real sales and marketing challenges. These include much more demanding end-consumers. This more demanding group also does not fall into the traditional broad segments, requiring marketers to deal with more, smaller market segments. Companies in the consumer goods and services industry, therefore, must increase their levels of performance in sales and marketing, developing the capabilities to:
  • Create strategies for multiple audiences and brands.
  • Measure the effectiveness of those strategies and improve marketing performance.
  • Empower and measure sales teams, ensuring they fulfill the strategic intent.
  • Optimize the business processes that support the marketing and sales efforts.
  • Ensure that the skills of the sales and marketing teams are continually refreshed.
DIV can help consumer goods and services companies to achieve these goals. Our extensive experience means that the time-to-benefit is reduced and the cost is minimized.