Education & Tutoring

The education sector faces two main challenges: optimizing their internal processes and managing their material and human resources efficiently and of course, counteracting academic failure (especially in elementary and secondary school) and promoting a high quality teaching (in all centers). This one is, in fact, a challenge that involves and affects the whole society.
Based on Data Mining and Predictive Analysis techniques, Data Infovision makes it possible to extract more value from data soon, offering a global view of how the center and the teaching model applied on it function, classifying the students depending on specific parameters and obtaining specific information for each one of them, including information on how their performance evolves.
Data Infovision allows learning centers to integrate the huge volume odd data they generate and store, regardless of their origin (external or internal), for data analysis in depth, fast and simply, with no dependence from IT's department.
Every institution is keen to provide alternative educational programs in order to meet their students' individual learning needs.

Some advanced analytics solutions provided by Data Infovision are the following.

  • E-Library management
  • E-tutorial System
  • Online video assistance with expert tutors
  • Insights on students and academic management
  • Integrated business view: all data sources together
  • Efficient resources management and higher quality teaching