The financial sector generates large volumes of information and must comply with increasing regulatory pressure and changes, which affect the formal reporting system. Stronger competence, lower margins, a better customer's financial culture, new population segments and new communication channels obviously influence prior situation.
Validation tools must deliver the power and flexibility needed to ensure data consistency and constant adaptation to regulation and business managers' demands. Based on advanced analytics techniques, Data Infovision allows financial entities to analyze all their data in detail and instantly, fast and with no need to bring IT's department to a standstill.
Data Infovision allows financial institutions to obtain advanced customers 'knowledge, from collecting data to its exploration and analysis in depth. Validation of data for legal reporting easily and quickly, providing more valuable information.

The Solution:

  • Immediate analysis of large volumes of data from different sources
  • Analysis of individual customer behavior
  • Power and flexibility for effective validation on time
  • Advanced Web Analytics
  • Backup storage facility
  • Recovery database
  • Archiving database
  • Customer risk versus profit matrix
  • Customer allocation
  • Customer risk classification evolution
  • Identification of behaviors in finance products
  • Money laundering patterns detection
  • Optimizing ATM operations
  • Selection and alert non-performing loans (NPL)
  • Validation of data for legal reporting on time
  • Integrated business view