Enabling Business Execution is a DIV Philosophy that Delivers Concrete Results for High Tech Clients.

In a future-ready high-tech enterprise, 'return on innovation' is the new ROI, being 'dynamic' is the new 'static,' and product engineering is the 'new shop floor.’ It's possible. But how can companies get here? The opportunity lies in keeping pace with the rate of change in market needs and business strategies, while successfully navigating a continuous cycle of new business models and better operational execution.
The differentiator for high-tech companies, however, lies in understanding changing needs and responding through an integrated dynamic approach – enabling them to craft the future while others follow.
DIV has developed deep-domain knowledge of business operations and created innovative technology solutions that enable high-tech organizations to successfully execute their strategic initiatives. With a sharp focus on execution excellence, DIV provides services in sales and channel operations, finance transformation, service business management (SBM), supply chain operations (SCO), information management, enterprise applications, and infrastructure services and works with technology firms across various industry sub-segments - servers, storage, networking, software, security, consumer electronics, mobility devices, semiconductors, and peripherals.
High tech companies across the world are working in challenging environments due to major business trends such as value chain globalization, diffused customer expectations, continuous introduction of innovative technologies, and shorter product lifecycles - all in an effort to establish a strong presence in emerging markets. In fact, the nature of disruptive technologies being introduced at a fairly rapid pace can either provide a major thrust for growth or inhibit existing business.
With broad and diversified experience in various business operation functions for the high-tech industry, DIV has experience in executing on the following:
  • Critical issues involving revenue recognition of multi-element deals.
  • Service contract co-termination and invoicing of large multi-year contracts.
  • Coverage models that include direct, overlay, and channels-based sales forces.
  • Sales forecasting and sales crediting.
  • Channel and self-service capabilities for quoting, pricing, and configuration.
  • Distribution B2B support for POS data capture.
  • Inventory reconciliation and reporting.
  • Self-service renewals, models, and complex sales incentive programs for large, multi-year deals.