Logistics & Warehouse

Within a context of increasing competitive pressure, high-demanding customer requirements and encouraging challenges arising from globalization, it is imperative to prevent loss, to reduce costs and unproductive waiting times, and to increase service levels. Early detection of competitive advantages in all links of supply chain implies to efficiently manage inventory and warehouses, to optimize logistic processes and routes and to reduce time to customers.
  • Anticipate future customers demand and adjust production volume, in order to deplete fixed assets and get rid of expired and outdated products.
  • Reduce time to customers; automate logistic processes and gain agility and efficiency to meet customer expectations.
  • Optimize resources, minimize transportation costs and cut inventory levels

The Solution:

  • Put predictive techniques into practice to anticipate customers demand and adjust production volume.
  • Obtain immediate business insights into all links of supply chain: customer satisfaction, inventory levels, warehouse management, resources vs real needs, expired and obsolete products, sales results, etc.
  • Integrate large raw data sets from miscellaneous sources for global view of the flow production-storage-consumption and to implement suitable tracking and monitoring strategies.
  • User-friendly advanced and predictive techniques for integrated management of data, to optimize logistic processes and to early detect inefficiencies in routes.
  • Create customized indicators and alerts.
  • Automate business rule and monitor relevant variables in real time.

The Benefits:

  • Increase of quality in customer service, including flexibility, customization and reduction of unproductive waiting times.
  • Increase of business profit.
  • More efficiency and cost-effectiveness within supply chain.
  • Decrease of fixed assets, obsolete and expired products.
  • Costs cut and efficient management of inventory.
  • Sales boost and increase of product visibility.
  • Adjustment of resources to real needs.
  • Business users self-sufficiency.
  • Agility, quick payback and short time-to-value.