Real Estate & property

The Real Estate Business Plan is a comprehensive, formal business plan dealing with the strategy for developing a long-term real estate investment industry. Our proficient experts understand how to buy, hold and resell properties. Furthermore, Data Infovision provides best real estate portal development and portal maintenance solutions. Due to the economic crisis, banks and savings banks have collected a bulky portfolio of real estate's that blast the results of their fiscal year, impoverish their market rating and make it difficult for them to deal with capitalization and solvency requirements.
Financial institutions need to get to know their customers in depth in order to face the challenge of designing an appropriate strategy for placing the allocated assets in the market profitably, while keeping up with legal requirements. Efficient management of customers' portfolio and maximization of the organization's expertise through automating processes are, in addition to a 360 business view, crucial matters in order to achieve that clear competitive advantage.
Knowing customers in depth, their likes, needs and purchasing behavior, will offer Real Estate companies a full vision of their customers and will let them identify sales opportunities and anticipate to their rivals. The systematization of its processes will let it optimize costs and incomes and be therefore more efficient and competitive.

Benefits of our Real Estate Services:

  • Personal administration space
  • Communication through Email
  • Full Backup for website
  • Multiple languages support

Key Features of our Real Estate Services:

  • Database management system
  • Search/edit facilities
  • User friendly data information
  • Easy navigation system
  • Video and audio upload facility
  • Bug detection and error removing facility
  • Cart path knowledge
  • Profile high value customers (Share Wallet)
  • Integrated business view: all data sources together