Business Process Outsourcing

DIV delivers business value by "extending your enterprise". Our business process outsourcing services combine deep industry knowledge, operational excellence, a partnership approach to client engagement and comprehensive service offerings.
In every enterprise, business processes are interconnected. Only when you link shared back office and industry specific processes to decision support does business thrive. The value of business process outsourcing is realized by optimizing and linking disparate processes seamlessly.
DIV changes the game for its clients by delivering the entire spectrum of business process outsourcing services. We also support decision making by delivering complex research and analytics services.
We help our clients leverage outsourcing services to improve their business performance so that they can compete more effectively in the marketplace. We deliver value to customers across industries through our integrated solution approach for process standardization, simplification, and optimization.
We enables our customers to run standardized and efficient operations. Our clients gain insights, business growth, and measurable business impact through pre-built process asset based solutions, industry focused platform BPO solutions, and integrated IT BPO services. Our expertise lies in:
  • Pre-built Process Asset Based Solutions.
  • Industry Focused & Platform Based Solutions.
  • Driving Predictable Business Outcomes.
  • Delivering Insights & Measurable Business Impact through Business value meter.
  • Standardized Processes across Expanding Global Locations.

How can DIV help you?

Our services span the following industries:
  • Banking and Capital Markets
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare and Pharma
  • Telecom
  • Media, Publishing and Entertainment
  • Utilities
  • Hi-Tech and Manufacturing
  • Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Travel, Transportation and Logistics

Why BPO ?

1. Reduce cost
2. Increase profitability
3. Increase productivity
4. Improve service quality
5. Ability to handle high volume
6. Improve efficiency