ECommerce Solution

A new industrial revolution is underway with the growth of E-commerce environment. Business scenario will change more rapidly in next decades than it has changed from last 5 decades. Internet is a place for both potential buyers and sellers. Data Infovision creates a Marketing Plan that brings motivated sellers directly to you. Customer seeks for better access to their daily needs. There are several ways to reach new customers, let them know you better and have them keep coming back for further. Using Internet for conducting e-commerce will assure you of being able to compete favorably with large established competitors and provides a global audience of potential customers.
New consumption habits, the war of prices, new competitors, contribute to intensify market competitively. Obtaining information in detail from customers, making advanced segmentations and having a total control of the customer management process will let you anticipate to unpredicted situations and increase conversion

Our E-business Key Features:

  • Category Drill-Down
  • Multiple Payment Methods (Master card, Visa card etc.)
  • Email Notification of Orders (To Customer and Admin Both)
  • Manage Customer Billing, Shipping Information
  • Hot and Featured Product Listings
  • Secure On-Line Ordering and Checkout
  • Multiple Shipping Methods (Ups, FedEx)
  • Shipping Calculated On Checkout Process
  • Update Product Quantities from Cart
  • Physical & Digital Products