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Search Engine Marketing

Marketing to Internet users through natural search engine result page listings and paid advertising placement. In other words, the search engine is one of the few places on the Internet where a company can connect with a user at the point of interest. Search engine marketing is a multi-billion industry spearheaded by Google, Bing, and Yahoo that is often broken down to two segments - free (organic) and paid (inorganic) search. Free search engine marketing, or search engine optimization (SEO), uses on-page and off-page strategies to help search engines better understand the relative importance of a website's pages. Search engine advertising, of pay per click (PPC) advertising, are advertising platforms search engines provide to advertisers to place their ads.

Search engine marketing services from DIPL offer three core benefits for your business:


By providing a series of keyword ma-nagement, keyword search tools and automation tools. DIPL enables you to accomplish more search engine mar-keting in considerably less time, and with clearer workflow prioritization.


The software creates a system of daily keyword suggestion, and arms you with negative keyword tools that help you to consistently refine your keyword list. This wit help you impro-ve your search engine rankings.


DIPL is designed to discover new, inexpensive keyword advertising opportunities, and the keyword ad software secures algorithmic pri-cing advantages for you from the search engines.

Business Plans

Every new venture should have a business plan. A business plan is the formal written expression of the entrepreneurial vision, describing the strategy and operations of the proposed venture.The business plan also goes by other names, depending on its intended audience.Presented to a banker, it may be called a "loan proposal". A venture capital group might call it the "venture plan" or "investment prospectus". The advantages of writing a business plan far outweigh the costs. The purpose of the plan is to enable the top executives of the firm to think about their business in a comprehensive way, to communicate their objectives to individuals who may have a stake in the firm's future, to have a basis for making decisions, and to facilitate the planning process.

Entrepreneurs should undertake the task of preparing the business plan personally. Although outsiders - consultants, accountants, and lawyers - should be tapped for their advice and expertise, the promoter or the initial top management team should be responsible for the writing. Personally drafting the plan will enable the entrepreneurs to think through all aspects of the proposed business and ensure that they are familiar with all the details, for they will have to make decisions about the new venture and be responsible for those decisions. Moreover, investors expect the founders to be involved in and knowledgeable about the proposed enterprise.

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Business Plans

Lead Genearation

For businesses to succeed and consistently remain competitive against market-rivals there is an essential need for them to be proactive and seize every opportunity. The successful organizations today, are the ones that are reaching out to their target audience and prospective cus-tomers through innovative methods, and creating opportunities for themselves rather than waiting for them to come along.

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Ad Campaigns

Google's search network

We always maintain the limelight on Google's search network

Target audiences

We understand the need of the client and also know where to target audiences.

Google keyword

We generate keywords using Google keyword tools to get most probables searches.

Best performance

For best performance we create different ads for same ad group for the best results.


Making and using a marketing strategy has a strong positive impact on profitability. This is because small businesses that employ a marketing strategy tend to focus on their customers and markets, integrate their marketing responses and work out in advance where their profits will come from. A marketing strategy defines objectives and describes the way you're going to satisfy customers in your chosen markets. It does not have to be written down but it is easier to communicate to outsiders, like your bank manager or other investors, when it is.


Email Marketing

Marketing Strategy


Data Infovision telemarketing services facilitate a competitive ad-vantage to your business so that you can stand out amongst the crowd. Telemarketing Services facilitate innovative solutions which help greatly in enhancing the overall revenue generation and pro-ductivity.

Outbound Telemarketing

We are managing a compre-hensive range of outbound services for numerous clients across various industry seg-ments round the globe.

Telemarketing Leads

By outsourcing your telemar-keting lead generation to us you can relax and focus on acquiring the deals.

Telemarketing List

We are managing a compre-hensive range of outbound services for numerous clients across various industry seg-ments round the globe.

Telemarketing Sales

By outsourcing your telemar-keting lead generation to us you can relax and focus on acquiring the deals.