IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing projects has become a major activity and highly profitable option for companies to have an advantage of price by increasing profitability and reducing the expenditures. We at DATA INFOVISION (IT Outsourcing Company India) understand the clients outsourcing requirements and can act as an outsourcing unit for the clients to help them achieve more profit by providing the services at affordable rates. It helps to gain a competitive edge on competition.

Different phases in our Outsourcing include

Outsourcing methodology

Outsourcing methodology involves need assessment, service level assessment, and requirement gathering.

Assessment and requirement

Service level assessment, and requirement gathering Obtaining complete information for high success rates, our team acquires all necessary information about the proposed process or project.

Feasibility analysis

Similar models of the processes, services, and projects and analyzed to test the feasibility of a recommended module.

Evaluation, Estimation and Finalization

Evaluation, Estimation and Finalization received recommendations are evaluated and project estimation is drafted for finalizing the outsourcing process.

Application & web maintenance

Data Infovision Application Maintenance Services provides you with the ability to change functionality, appearance, and other areas of your software's performance and capabilities. When you choose Data Infovision Application Maintenance Services, you are assigned a dedicated team having a deep expertise in your application and an understanding of your line of business.

Website Quality Check

To check your website has any broken links, all kinds of errors in designing and programming, testing contact information forms.

Update Website Content

Constant update with the most recent information about your business.

Website Monitoring

Ensuring that all images in the website along with the links, and files are there on your website, and your website is always accessible to everyone.

Image Editing

Graphic designing, Banner designs and updating and more...

Regular Testing

Regular Testing of the site functionality and accessibility You can contact us at any time to avail our application & web maintenance services

Interactive Learning Systems

As new technologies have been introduced in teaching and learning processes; e-learning systems are increasingly being used. It is an easy and interactive way of providing high level training or education to the staff and/or students in an organization and/or some educational institute. This allows an interactive learning system that is more proficient way to train anyone from any location.

Some proposed functions are as follows:

Networked Learning Environment

Community Portal System

Online Delivery Applications

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is an understanding of how to manage relationships between the customers, track the reports and analyses the research in a systematic and organized fashion. Many people think of CRM as a technology or software, but in reality it's a holistic approach, comprised of methodologies, software, Internet capabilities and even sociology and psychology. There are three key elements to our successful CRM initiative: people, process, and technology. We are skilled in proposing our clients best features for CRM and managing your contacts more efficiently. Our experts place the customer's needs and interests first. Also provide Sales, Service & Marketing modules and ERP modules for Inventory & Projects.Helping a venture to allow its marketing departments to spot and board their best customers, manage marketing campaigns.